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About Us


The TICIA Group was founded, and managed by Marina Prinsloo, a qualified professional in the field of Image, etiquette, presentation and body language coaching.  She is also the majority shareholder.  Our other shareholders are Angela Perdichizzi and Elaine Govender.

Image and development is paramount to the success of individuals and businesses alike in the ever changing and advancing globe of today. Research has proven a wide spread demand for authentic confident professionalism in the workplace and social platforms of people interaction and communication, however many individuals do not have the necessary skill and knowledge of how to project and communicate an appropriate and professional image.

Our carefully developed curriculum and programmes are able to help our clients gain the skills, confidence and the ability to be take themselves to the next level of becoming a better version of themselves creating an authentic brand.



We envisage to build a world class Image Coaching Consultancy and Professional Training Academy that is proud to be able to add value, develop and empower individuals and corporate teams to live their passion and potential through enhancement of their inner personality and outer professionalism.



We are committed to providing continuous empowered training and development of exceptional quality at competitive rates, custom built and fit for purpose as per our clients needs.

To achieve this we promise to:

¨ Operate with high sensitivity to quality and dependability.

¨ Develop a reputation that affords our clients a peace of mind and a deep sense of trust on our timely service delivery and integrity.



Respect and Professionalism

Integrity and Honesty

Courtesy and Commitment


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Where We Are

Jasco Park

C/o Alexandra Ave & 2nd Str

Halfway House


Head office:  011 266 1613

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