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About Us

Marina Prinsloo, APICSA CIM, is one of only 3 certified image consultant masters in South Africa.  She has been providing personal and corporate image consulting services to clients across South Africa for 17 years and is the founder and CEO of “The Image Coach” Consultancy.  The Image Coach help clients, individuals and corporate, men and woman to create positive first impressions and achieve success.

Her unique approach is a proven, systematic process to create a powerful presence and brand.

The Image Coach specializes in visual appearance, corporate branding, positive first impressions, behaviour and communication.

Marina and her team will cultivate your powerful Image.


“Projecting a Powerful Image, Doesn’t just Happen, It has to be Cultivated!.


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Where We Are

Jasco Park

C/o Alexandra Ave & 2nd Str

Halfway House


Head office:  084 554 9243

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